SAS 3 Studio
About the Photographer:
Stephanie Smith - Owner / Photographer
Hello, my name is Stephanie. The moment I stepped foot into a darkroom I was in love; while Black and White film photography is a love, I primarily shoot digital. I discovered early in my photography career that the popular route of wedding, engagement, and maternity was not my passion. My favorite subjects were always my animals. Some of my favorite days are  spending time in the turnout with my 4 horses or hanging out with my cats, dogs, and camera. When I started as an assistant dressage trainer with Jennifer Reynen and White Horse Training, I became the photographer for the clients showing and I was truly happy capturing the different movements of the classes. I also started photographing the kids I knew at the local jumping shows. My knowledge and love of animals makes it a natural fit to capture the images of the animals you love most.

While horses and animals are a great passion I also found an interest in nature and architectural photography. Capturing the way light bounces off of different surfaces of buildings creates unique images that showcase the finished projects for general contracting and architectural firms. 
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